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Adult Summer Reading: A Book Set in North Carolina

by Carla Sarratt on 2017-07-19T08:00:00-04:00 in Literature & the Arts

by Annice Sevett, Librarian, Northeast Library


Many novels have been written that take place in North Carolina. For those of us who live in this state, it comes as no surprise. North Carolina offers a variety of landscape options, from urban to rural, from mountains to the ocean, and everything in between. Whether you pick a book for its fast-paced plot, its strong sense of character, its genre, or another reason entirely, it’s fun to read a book set in the state in which you live. Try one of these books set in North Carolina and if you want to get even closer to home, there are a few suggestions for books set in Wilmington. Don’t see anything that strikes you? Check out NoveList and search for SU (subject) North Carolina or ask a library staff member for suggestions!


Titles Set in North Carolina

Set in the mid-20th century in North Carolina, The Last Road Home follows Junebug, an orphan, who falls in love with a sharecropper’s daughter and together they face violence, secrets, and a war that will test their bond.






Riley Griggs is awaiting the return of her husband to Belle Isle, North Carolina when she is told that her island home is being foreclosed. With her husband nowhere in sight, she turns to her friends for help but as the deadline approaches, the mystery deepens and Riley must find a way to investigate everything before it is too late.






The Story of Land and Sea takes place in North Carolina during the American Revolution and follows a father and his son-in-law as they struggle to understand the tragedies they have endured.






Riley MacPherson returns to New Bern, North Carolina to clean out her father’s house after he passed away and finds evidence suggesting that her sister Lisa may not have committed suicide as a teenager like she had been told. As she works to uncover the truth, what she finds out makes her question everything she thought she knew and she must decide how to handle the information she uncovers.





Restaurant owner Whitney Monroe inherits a hotel on the Outer Banks and must contend with an estranged stepfather and existing tenants as she makes discoveries that have her deciding between quick cash and preserving her family’s story.






Journalist Kelsey Castle is in Summit Lake investigating the murder of a law student and uncovers secrets that may break open the case.








Wilmington, NC:

Richard Baimbridge moves back to Wilmington to help his family after his sister, a reporter, is brutally attacked while investigating a case. While there, he must confront his past and the dark family secret if he wants to return to the life he has built. As his sister refuses to let the case die, he is dragged deeper into the case and when he becomes a suspect in a murder case, he must prove his innocence.





Ashley Wilkes, a historic preservationist, is on her way to Wrightsville Beach to stay with her sister and her boyfriend. When they visit an art gallery, they discover the owner dead and as the body counts continue to escalate, nothing prepares Ashley for her meeting with the killer. 





If you want to read any of the above titles, click the cover to place a hold on the title to be delivered to your preferred branch.

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