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Local History Room

Special Collections and Archives of NHCPL

The Preserve Perspective Project: 

 The mission of the North Carolina Room is to focus on the heritage and history of the people, places, culture, and natural environment of the Cape Fear region, the City of Wilmington, and the state of North Carolina. The NC Room invites residents to submit art, music, recipes, stories, oral history, and other local works to this collection so your perspective can be preserved. Archives and special collections are kept to leave a legacy for those after us to build on what has been done before. The North Carolina Room is inviting you to be a part of that legacy.

The map shows homes and buildings constructed in the period of time between 1800-1860.  The map above is color-coded as follows:

  • 1800-1809: Red
  • 1810-1819: Orange
  • 1820-1829: Yellow
  • 1830-1839: Green
  • 1840-1849: Blue
  • 1850-1859: Indigo
  • 1860: Violet

Main Library & Law Library
201 Chestnut Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

Northeast Regional Library
1241 Military Cutoff Road
Wilmington, NC 28405

Pine Valley Library
3802 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28412

Pleasure Island Library
1401 N. Lake Park Boulevard
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Call (910) 798-6300
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed