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North Carolina Room

Special Collections, State & Local history and Archives of NHCPL

Manuscript Collections

MSS 1214: Airlie Gardens Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1307: All Saints Anglican Parish 

MSS 1251: Allegood Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1239: America's 400th Anniversary (Finding Aid)

MSS 1314: American Red Cross

MSS 1287: Amigos, A Bilingual Magazine (Finding Aid)

MSS 1280: Apollo 11 Special Newspaper Collection 

MSS 1245: Audubon Trolley Station Restoration (Finding Aid)



MSS 1247: Owen and Barry Family Papers

MSS 1268: Belk-Beery Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1202: Hargrove Bellamy Collection (Finding Aid)

Block Archives

MSS 1212: Arthur Bluenthal Family Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1306: Boar's Head and Yule Log Festivals 

MSS 1316: Cape Fear Garden Club

MSS 1234: David W. Carnell Papers (Finding Aid)

MSS 1252: Carr-Watters Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1221: James H. Chadbourn Papers

MSS 1204: Children of the Confederacy Papers (Finding Aid)

MSS 1292: City of Wilmington City Council Minutes (Finding Aid)

MSS 1321: City of Wilmington Municipal Project Records

Downtown Revitalization Effort (DARE), Inc Collection

Daughters of the American Revolution, Stamp Defiance Chapter

DeBerry Family Bible

Fanny DeRosset Collection

MSS 1331: Historic Wilmington Foundation, DeRosset Family Collection 

MSS 1281: Milton H. Domler Poetry Collection


MSS 1211: Family Service Society of the Lower Cape Fear

MSS 1200: Fishburn Family Papers (Finding Aid)

Franklin Block Political Papers

J.W. Futch and Edward Sandlin Papers

MSS 1332: Gorman Family Papers 

Jean McCoy Graham Collection

GROW Collection

Hardin & Northrop Family Papers

MSS 1237: Andrew Harriss Family History Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1267: Mary Sell Head Collection

Eugene Hicks Family History Collection

MSS 1258: Fred Hintze Collection

MSS 1308: Gertrude Jenkins Howell Papers

Lola Sampson Franks James

Harriet Hunter Johnson and Catherine Casteen Papers

Journals of the Annual Conventions of the Diocese of East Carolina

MSS 1226: Catherine Kennedy Home Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1265: Life Around Wilmington, The Guide to a Greater City

MSS 1241: Local and State Garden Club Historical Papers

MSS 1252: London Family Collection

MSS 1249: Lovering Collection

MSS 1213: McKean Maffitt’s Feast of Pirates Collection

MSS 1203: Barbara Marcroft Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1228: Charles F. McKee Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1217: McKoy Family Papers

MSS 1266: Alice B. Moore-Sisson Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1301: Joe & Dorothy Nesbitt Collection

North Carolina Sorosis Collection

O'Neal Papers

MSS 1247: Owen and Barry Family Papers

MSS 1274: Charles E. Ponton Collection (Finding Aid)

Bill Reaves Collection - Subject Files (Finding Aid)

MSS: 1207: Henry Rehder Azalea Festival Papers

MSS 1338: Henry Rehder Florist Inc. Papers

MSS 1338: Henry Rehder Florist Inc. 

Mary D. Roberts Collection


MSS 1201: Harry Meyer Solomon Collection (Finding Aid)

MSS 1227: Sons of the American Revolution, Lower Cape Fear Chapter

Doug Swink Collection

MSS 1318: Tuesday Book Club Records

MSS 1324: United Daughters of the Confederacy

MSS 1210: James E. L. Wade Papers

MSS 1303: Martin S. Willard Collection

MSS 1205: Helen Willetts Collection 

MSS 1320: Wilmington Printing Company (Finding Aid)

MSS 1333: Wrenn Letters and New Bern Historical Survey 

YWCA: MSS #1313

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